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Benefits of Microsoft Windows 10

The Microsoft Windows operating system has been the foundation for both home and business PC users. The latest version of Windows includes significant changes to its interface and platform.

Windows 10 was designed for smartphones and tablets touchscreens, which helps put easy-to-use Windows apps on all of your team's devices, and gives the convenience of working while on the go. Windows 10 also has SkyDrive built in, so work is easily transferred where ever you need to go.

Upgrading to a new operating system can be costly, especially in terms of lost productivity as your team must learn to navigate these changes. New Horizons offers the training for you and your team to help make your migration seamless, all while providing business continuity.

Windows 10 Training at New Horizons Newcastle

With Microsoft Windows 10 training from New Horizons Newcastle, you will learn all the key features of this new operating system. You will walk away with confidence in using all the powerful features and benefits it offers. Your knowledge will allow you to perform your day-to-day tasks efficiently and optimally in the new dynamic Windows 10 environment.


  • Work efficiently in the new touch screen environment
  • Search and manage information in the latest version of Internet Explorer
  • Navigate smoothly from the title environment to the desktop environment
  • Perform common tasks in Windows Explorer from the ribbon
  • Organize, manage, and find files quickly
  • Launch common applications more efficiently
  • Switch between programs


  • Plan and perform the installation of Windows 10
  • Install Windows 10 on computers that are running an existing operating system
  • Configure disks, partitions, volumes, and device drivers in a Windows 10 system
  • Configure network connectivity
  • Install, configure, and maintain wireless network connections
  • Implement Windows 10 technologies to secure network connections
  • Share files and printers
  • Implement tools and technologies that can help secure Windows 8 desktops
  • Configure and control applications in Windows 10
  • Optimize and maintain Windows 10 based computers
  • Configure mobile computer settings and to enable remote access
  • Create and configure virtual machines in Hyper-V for Windows 10 and describe how to use it to support legacy applications
  • Determine how to recover Windows 10 from various failures
  • Describe how to use Windows PowerShell to manage Windows 10

Windows 10 Certifications

Microsoft Windows 10 Certifications are designed to provide the recognition you need to help you excel in your career, and provide employers with validation of your skills. Certification comes with the confidence that you have the knowledge to overcome common challenges that IT administrators face on a daily basis.

Windows 10 Courses

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